Friday, June 11, 2010

Neon Signs on Korean Storefront from Nabbeun namja (2001)

After the Bad Guy gets beat up by the soldiers, he sees the girl's boyfriend meet up with the girl, and the Bad Guy covertly follows them around on their date. Towards the end of the evening, the boyfriend tries to lead the girl to a Korean storefront, but she hesitates, then refuses, and kicks her boyfriend in the leg before running off. The Korean storefront had neon signs in front. What do the neon signs say ?

Korean storefront still from 2001 movie Nabbeun namja, Bad Guy

This question has been answered by sonofberzerk on imdb:

It says "motel."
It's a love motel.
They're all over Seoul for couples who want to have sex, but can't get privacy at home because of living with parents or they're having affairs or something like that.

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